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Alex Hardwicke

I'm the author of this blog. I'm a dad, husband and programmer, in roughly that order. Read more about me here.


Windows 8.1 Universal Apps (Part 4: XAML)

XAML As mentioned in the previous post in this series, by default App.xaml will be in the Shared folder, but you’ll have a unique MainPage.xaml for Windows and Windows Phone. You may have wondered that, as you can clearly share App.xaml between projects, if you can share other XAML. The answer is yes: you can […]

WinRT Flyout Performance

I’ve been having problems with the files flyout in Surge for some time. The performance was pretty terrible: for normal torrents with at most hundreds of files, performance was almost acceptable on my desktop but terrible on my Surface RT. However, with torrents with thousands of files, even my desktop took more than thirty seconds […]

Alex Hardwicke

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