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Alex Hardwicke

I'm the author of this blog. I'm a dad, husband and programmer, in roughly that order. Read more about me here.


Open Sourcing Surge

I’m finally biting the bullet and open sourcing Surge – the source is now available on GitHub. I’ve been thinking about open sourcing it for years, but I’ve always been hesitant – it’s the first project I’ve stuck with for more than a few months, and I’ve learnt an incredible amount since starting it – […]

Moving Surge.Core from C# to F#

As I’ve mentioned before, learning F# has been one of my goals for a while. During Christmas (2014), I decided to use the free time to start on this, and it’s gone very well. I went through various tutorials and books, and then went in the deep end and rewrote the entire back-end of Surge […]

Surge 2.0 Released

Surge 2.0 has been released! This has been a LONG time coming – it’s been 15 months since the initial release of Surge and I’ve not done a single update. The problem is that as it’s a hobby project, I’ve (a) ignored it when life has been in the way, and (b) I use it […]

Surge: 10,000 Downloads!

Surge has hit 10,000 downloads today. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has tried Surge and I’m glad that so many people like it! 10,000 downloads for such a niche app is fantastic.

Alex Hardwicke

A programming blog, focused on Xamarin & F#.