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Alex Hardwicke

I'm the author of this blog. I'm a dad, husband and programmer, in roughly that order. Read more about me here.


Open Sourcing Surge

I’m finally biting the bullet and open sourcing Surge – the source is now available on GitHub. I’ve been thinking about open sourcing it for years, but I’ve always been hesitant – it’s the first project I’ve stuck with for more than a few months, and I’ve learnt an incredible amount since starting it – […]

Moving Surge.Core from C# to F#

As I’ve mentioned before, learning F# has been one of my goals for a while. During Christmas (2014), I decided to use the free time to start on this, and it’s gone very well. I went through various tutorials and books, and then went in the deep end and rewrote the entire back-end of Surge […]

Surge 2.0 Released

Surge 2.0 has been released! This has been a LONG time coming – it’s been 15 months since the initial release of Surge and I’ve not done a single update. The problem is that as it’s a hobby project, I’ve (a) ignored it when life has been in the way, and (b) I use it […]

Pattern Matching

Pattern matching is pretty great. Essentially, it lets us match stuff. The verbose (although not very) syntax is: Or, we can do this: If you hadn’t figured it out, _ is the wildcard. If you don’t have a wildcard and don’t get a match, you’ll have a MatchFailureException thrown. We can also pattern match our […]

Units of Measure in F#

So, F# has units of measure built in. They’re pretty cool. Essentially, you can declare units of measure, like this: Once you’ve done that, you can then associate these units of measure with numeric types. You can combine measures, either with new values, or by multiplying or dividing already existing identifiers with units. Finally, you […]

Functional Programming

Since around Christmas, I’ve been slowly falling in love with F#. The more I look at it, read about it and try it, the more I appreciate functional programming in general, and particularly F#. One of the joys is that the list is so core to the entire experience. As I’ve learnt more as a […]

Alex Hardwicke

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