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Alex Hardwicke

I'm the author of this blog. I'm a dad, husband and programmer, in roughly that order. Read more about me here.


Open Sourcing Surge

I’m finally biting the bullet and open sourcing Surge – the source is now available on GitHub. I’ve been thinking about open sourcing it for years, but I’ve always been hesitant – it’s the first project I’ve stuck with for more than a few months, and I’ve learnt an incredible amount since starting it – […]

Moving Surge.Core from C# to F#

As I’ve mentioned before, learning F# has been one of my goals for a while. During Christmas (2014), I decided to use the free time to start on this, and it’s gone very well. I went through various tutorials and books, and then went in the deep end and rewrote the entire back-end of Surge […]

Windows 8.1 Universal Apps (Part 2: Not Perfect)

Minor Problems I said earlier that code can be shared between Universal Apps. This is true, but there are a few exceptions. For the most part, you can think of WinPRT as a subset of WinRT. There are several methods that WinRT has that will throw a NotImplementedException if you call them from WinPRT. Mostly, […]

Link: Exception.StackTraceEx

So, not long after I finally blog about Little Watson, Lucian Wischik releases a tool that could really help with it! He’s created a fantastic tool called Exception.StackTraceEx. He explains it better than I could, but essentially it provides a way to have exceptions in async calls provide much more information, including filenames and line […]

Little Watson

Dr Watson (the debugger included with Windows, not Sherlock Holmes’ Boswell) is obviously the inspiration of this name. I’m not sure where the term first originated, but for those not in the know, a Little Watson is a very simple bug reporter. The flow is simple: catch all uncaught exceptions, save them to disk and […]

WinRT Flyout Performance

I’ve been having problems with the files flyout in Surge for some time. The performance was pretty terrible: for normal torrents with at most hundreds of files, performance was almost acceptable on my desktop but terrible on my Surface RT. However, with torrents with thousands of files, even my desktop took more than thirty seconds […]

Alex Hardwicke

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