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Alex Hardwicke

I'm the author of this blog. I'm a dad, husband and programmer, in roughly that order. Read more about me here.


Surge 2.0 Released

Surge 2.0 has been released! This has been a LONG time coming – it’s been 15 months since the initial release of Surge and I’ve not done a single update. The problem is that as it’s a hobby project, I’ve (a) ignored it when life has been in the way, and (b) I use it […]

John Sonmez’s Blogging Email Course

If you look at the date difference between this post and my last few, you’ll see that I haven’t really blogged in months. This is a real shame, as I’d put a lot of effort into starting the blog and getting a routine going, but I ran out ideas and wasn’t sure what direction I […]

Surge: 10,000 Downloads!

Surge has hit 10,000 downloads today. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has tried Surge and I’m glad that so many people like it! 10,000 downloads for such a niche app is fantastic.

Well, here we go

Now that many more interesting things are going on, what with fatherhood, employment, graduation and exciting new things going on in the world of programming, it’s time I have a proper blog and homepage. I’ll be updating this blog at least once a week, with a programming or tech related post every Sunday and posts […]

Alex Hardwicke

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