What is Surge?

Surge is a hobby project that I work on in my spare time. It’s a remote controller for torrent clients, so that you can have a torrent client running on a server, NAS, router or similar at home and can remotely control it from any Windows device, in your home or elsewhere. It currently only supports Transmission, but I’m working on support for ĀµTorrent and Deluge.


Connecting to localhost /
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Release Notes for Surge.

Otherwise, you can e-mail me for direct support, and I have more contact information available on my blog.

Remotely manage your torrents

Surge lets you manage all of your torrents on any Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 device. You can get a quick and easy overview of your torrent states just by looking at the list which can be filtered in a variety of ways.

View any detail

No torrent details are hidden from you – select a torrent to get all of the possible data you can about your torrents.

Manage a torrent’s individual files

Enable or disable specific files or entire folders. Change the priority of your files or entire folders. Anything your torrent client supports with files can be managed remotely.

Powered by F#

Surge has been rewritten and is now powered by F#. This has given an incredible level of stability and speed to the application.