About Me

My name is Alexander Hardwicke. I’m a software developer, blogger and teacher. I work for Erisma AB, primarily developing. I previously worked at Edument AB as a teaching consultant.

My CV is available in both English and Swedish, although I am not currently looking for employment.


I’ve previously taught programming and related skills professionally, and love to share knowledge with the world.

I enjoy a wide range of programming, although nowadays my focus mostly lies on .NET, particularly Xamarin and .NET Core.

I’m also a huge proponent of git, and believe that knowing how to properly use version control can dramatically improve productivity.

My current hobby projects are:

My dead or on-hold hobby projects are:

  • Surge, a Universal Windows BitTorrent remote, written in a combination of C# and F#. This is on-hold because Microsoft have no F# support for Windows 10. I may one day look into moving it over to Xamarin and adding mobile versions of the client.

Personal Information

I am:

  • British, and currently live in Sweden
  • a father
  • bilingual
  • a painter of miniatures, mostly Warhammer
  • an Android fan, and I use a Galaxy S7 at the moment
  • a keen walker
  • a wearer of hats

Contact Me

The best way to contact me is to drop me an e-mail, but you can also contact me via social media. I’m available on , and .

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